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Oil King Refined Groundnut Oil

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Groundnut Oil Helps in
1) Reducing LDL (Bad Cholesterol)
2) Improving Digestion
3) Preventing Stomach Ulcers
4) Building Lean Muscle Mass
5) Preventing Type II Diabetes

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Product details

Agmark is a Quality Certification Mark of the Government of India.

OIL KING Groundnut Oil is a premium-quality oil with the highest degree of purity, produced using the latest and most sophisticated technology, and packed in a totally hygienic environment.

OIL KING Groundnut Oil, each lot is presented for quality in well-equipped laboratory by qualified chemist hence Oil King Products confirm to the scientifically laid down quality standards.

OIL KING Groundnut Oil predominantly contains mono unsaturated fats & is known as MUFA Oil.

OIL KING Groundnut Oil, is an all-purpose oil that is subtly flavored with the richness of peanuts. Made from the first press of peanuts, this oil is unsurpassed in its quality. It can be heated to high temperatures without loss in properties.

OIL KING Groundnut Oil, Preferred by consumers for its ‘nutty’ flavor and taste. It is the preferred oil for various kind of traditional dishes.

OIL KING Groundnut Oil, As Indian house wives know there is nothing like groundnut oil with a natural sweet aroma that enhances the true flavor & taste of food.

OIL KING Groundnut Oil is packed by well-known company SHRI OIL COMPANY.


  • BrandOil King
  • ManufacturerShri Oil Company
  • Country of OriginIndia

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